Musical Instrument Bottle Stopper

With sophisticated hand-made technology, the beauty of instrument lines reveal slowly, showing exquisite craftsmanship similar to real instruments.


Musical Instrument Bottle Stopper


Instruments Style Silicone plug wonderful meeting with red wine.

Combining the form of musical instruments and wine, let pure start with vision, taste preferences, and self-perception as the starting point to open various experiences of the five senses.

When you relax, you want to taste the wine, but you worry that you can’t finish it once, but after the red wine is opened, the wine will be exposed to the air with time, and it will easily go bad.

The wine bottle stoppers of various musical instruments are made of medical-grade environmental-friendly silicone, safe and non-toxic, and the precise method fits the bottle mouth perfectly, so that the wine is not in contact with the air, and the wine is fresh. 

High-quality, environment friendly silicone, extending the expiry date of fine wine.