Evangelizing Speaker


  • 100% non-toxic silicone material
  • Customize metal plate
  • Customize backcard
  • Service of pre-stored the scripture chanting or master teaching…etc.


  • Bluetooth 5.0
  • Multi-input: MicroSD card、USB flash drive or Bluetooth
  • Speaker Dimension:55 x 55 x 60 mm / 125g
  • Content format: MP3、WAV、WMA、APE
  • Power: DC-5V
    Capacity: 16GB

Sacred music accompany

Evangelization is the essence of the church. Ndevr design this evangelizing speaker by the spirit of evangelism discipleship and hopes to bring the “good news of redemption” to all worldly people.

Look at 【Our Lady of Lourdes 】statue, listen to sacred scripture chanting; calm down the mid; the evangelizing speaker satisfied with eye, ear and mind three consciousness.