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Mandolin musical instrument introduction
Mandolin originated in Italy and belongs to lute. It is about 40 cm in length. The back of the body is semicircular and is called “Neapolitan”, which is more popular. Kind of. There are four groups of eight strings, which must be played with a pick (plectrum or pick), and its tremolo is particularly good. The tuning is the same as the violin, G-D-A-E, 5 degrees apart.
Mandolin pianos are easy to learn because they have frets on the fingerboard and easy to identify scales.
The instruments are divided into treble mandolin, alto mandola, and bass mandocello. All three instruments are required to form an orchestra.

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Composers and pianists of the classical period

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Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Using 100% non-toxic and environmentally friendly silicone material, no deterioration, no oil, no stickiness, no fading, high temperature (220° C), reduce the burden on the earth, and implement green design.
Easy to clean, just rinse with water.

Exquisite and delicate lines, combined with the softness of silicone material, show the uniqueness of each instrument.