Christmas limited edition selection

Musical Instrument Bottle Stopper

The wine bottle stoppers of various musical instruments are made of medical-grade environmental-friendly silicone, safe and non-toxic, and the precise method fits the bottle mouth perfectly, so that the wine is not in contact with the air, and the wine is fresh. Collection.

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Art Pad

High-quality fabrics, fashionable life
Bright color. Wonderful presentation. Warms the heart and pleases to the eyeys.
Meticulous touching. Medium size. Can be rolled up for storage and easy to carry.
Multiple function for table pad, jewelry pad, storage pad…etc.
The art integarte into the life; the life be full of the art. As if be in the palace of art anytime.

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Customized Cleansing Cloth

Best care products for facial cleansing
Customized design, gift collection, unique ingenuity
Can present image advertisements and product photos, perfect recognition of corporate shape
Like, suitable for new product promotion, dealer meeting …, easier
To achieve the effect of publicity and preservation.

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