Glass Polishing Cloth

Glass polishing cloth is made of microfiber, it can be printed logo, presenting refined and elegant.
It is used for polishing the glass, also as the advertisement promotion.

We particularly select finest & softest microfiber cloth which is 200 times smaller than a human hair and preferred for its very lightweight, super absorbency, paid drying properties.

Along with being gentle on the glass, this super-soft cloth is able to remove dirt, dust or fingerprint and won’t scratch surfaces.

Wipe frequently could keep the glassware brilliant.

Shake off the dusts

  • No lint or scratch.
  • Suitable for wiping, cleaning and maintenance.
  • Easy to clean, reusable and durable.

Noted: Before & after polishing glass, please wave the cloth to shake off foreign objects, ensuring there is nothing scratch the glass surface.