Music Box

Life ‧ Enriched by Music
Stylish Flash Drive + Music Player

Exquisite artwork, easy to get Rich bass detail expressive, theater-like enjoyment Listen attentively to a nice Music Banquet

Elegant Design
Musical instruments style flash drive enhance the Vision

Excellent sound quality
Enhanced bass resonance effect, clear and bright sound

Light and portable
5 cm cube size, smaller than lemon, 120g weight, lighter than orange


Extreme performance

Internal magnetic horn speaker with bass resonance mode, Professional pitch correction, big effect in small space.

Vivid, clear and extreme metal surface

Panel can be designed according to preferences and creativity, High-tech thermal transfer technology, Various patterns design, colorful with exact colors, Enhance corporate image and keep it used by the owner, Advertising effectiveness achieved has been sustained.

UpBeat Bluetooth Music Player
– Size / weight: 5 x 5 x 5 cm / 120 g
– Housing Material: Aluminum alloy
– Music format: MP3
– Power supply: DC5V

USB Flash Drive
– Size / weight: approx. 8 x 3 x 2 cm / 20 g
– Product Material: Silicone